AT-70W is a bi-functional omni-directional antenna for professional receiving and transmitting applications. Optimized for 470~1000 MHz, which is fully compatible with US and EU new telecom regulations. It has a 2~4 dBi gain which is ideal for any specific installation required with full directions. It can be easily distinguished by its new “W-Shape” appearance.

AT-70W has two input connectors, “TX/RX” which can be connected to transmitter or receiver directly. The “RX Only” connector has a built-in 12 dB high gain booster provides increased reception range for ACT receiver.

AT-70W offers users the options of transmitting or receiving based on actual application. Built-in booster power can be provided from a MIPRO AD-707a or ACT Series receivers through the coaxial cables. AT-70W is waterproof and ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.